About the Instructor

Steve Russell began his study of tai chi in 1974 to aid his recovery from a severe injury sustained in an automobile accident. He studied the Yang style long form for three years. Subsequently he learned the Yang short form created by Ch'eng Man-ch'ing. He practices and teaches that form today. 

About the Photo Above

 The photo above is me (Steve, with the hat) doing monkey see monkey do tai chi in Chuxiong, China. My wife and I were there in 2012 for the International Camilla Society conference (she is an avid gardener). I didn't plan any specific tai chi activity but took advantage whenever I saw people practicing. Behind us is the entrance to the garden which was that days field trip. This group was doing tai chi off to one side. With the help of our translator I chatted with them about tai chi. Then they invited me to join them for a round before they left. Our translator, a local college English major, took the photo with my camera.